Ouch! See Bizarre Moment Woman Allowed Bricks To Be Hammered On Her Crotch (Photos/video)

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Ouch! See Bizarre Moment Woman Allowed Bricks To Be Hammered On Her Crotch (Photos/video)

The most bizarre party trick ever? Woman allows friends to use a sledgehammer to smash BRICKS piled up on her crotch

This must one of the strangest party tricks of all time, and not one many of us will fancy trying at home.

In a truly bizarre scene, footage from China shows a woman lying on her back with her legs wide open as others smash bricks using a hammer on her crotch.

A group crowd around to watch the unusual form of entertainment and at one point even a young child can be seen spectating.

According to a caption alongside the video, the woman was 'showing off her vulva strength' - the result of years of practice.
Two women hold her legs apart while a third dressed in a pink floaty gown wields what seems to be a sledgehammer.

Large bricks are placed directly onto her pelvis and a countdown begins before the pink-clad woman taps the hammer down onto the brick.
An squeal can be heard before the assembled crowd guffaw at the spectacle.

The bricks seems partly smashed and bits tumble away as the man announcing the stunt asks the horizontal woman whether it hurts.
Unsurprisingly the Chinese woman replies that it does but amazingly agrees for the act to be repeated.
Again the hammer is swung down onto her nether regions before she is allow to rest her legs down.

However it seems the unusual ordeal is not over as one of the woman seems to be pressing down on her bent legs as though to improve her flexibility and prepare her for another round.
It's not known whether the woman sustained any injuries.

Watch video below....

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