Who Is Going To Heaven?

Who Is Going To Heaven?

Sometimes when I look at the Christian world, I am always forced to ask myself, who and who are actually going to heaven?
Sorry for mentioning names of churches but I can’t make serious points without mentioning names.
Most churches, if not all have a strong believe that if you don’t abide by the doctrine of their church you may not likely make heaven . The funny part is that, all churches doctrine has their backups from the bible. For instance , a Deeper life member believe that if you are using gold or putting on trousers as a lady ,you are of the world and anybody that is of the world will go to hell fire . Invariably, Winners , some Redeemed , Christ Embassies members are not heaven bound .
The Apostolic Faith believes that using drugs and injections when ill is a sin and all sinners must preach according to the bible , which means all other churches that takes in any substance called drug ,injection , drip etc when sick will have a place in hell fire .
Also, if you tell a Redeemed member that you are a member of Celestial Church of Christ ,they will advise you to start attending a Christ living church .
Some churches believes that you need to cover your head while praying and if they see other Christians doing otherwise they conclude their likely eternal home .
In one hand again we have orthodox criticising the Pentecostal about who and how they worship.
Let us come down to non-believers ,idol worshipers and their sympathizers (who are not even direct worshipers) ,then let us get to the people of Asia , China in particular where majority are neither Christians nor Muslims, then Indians , let us move to Arab world where majority are Muslims all these people are not heaven bound according to we Christians .
Then let me ask again who is going to heaven ?

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