Animal Husbandry Neco is Available Now!!!

Animal Husbandry Neco is Available Now!!!

Paper III & II: Objective & Essay – Animal
Husbandry – 3:00pm –


-the head
-the thorax
-the cervical
-the abdominal cavity
-the sternum(breast bone)
(i)it contains the medulla which receives impulse from the
vertebral column
(ii)the thoracic protects the spinal cord
(iii)the cervical is the neck region
(iv) the abdominal cavity protects the spinal cord
(v) the sternum refers to as breast bone because it protects the
(i) It contains valuable protective substances,
immunoglobulins whch giv d calf immunity frm bacteria
(ii) It contains high

(i) they are dwaft
(II) they are approximatley 2okg in weight
(iii) their milk yield and growth rate are substantially low
(iv) they are approximately 50cm ih height
(v) they are raised mainly for meat production
(vii) their skin is of less commercial value
(viii) they are adapted to humid regions
(ix) their coat colour is black, brown white or mixture colour
Breeding : goat can be breed in one of the following ways.
-extensive method
-intensive method
-semi-intensive method

(i) Unpredictable number of eggs are hatched
(ii) Process cannot be programmed
(iii) There is risk of predators /parasites
(iv) Not suitable for commercial production
(v) Low hatchability of eggs
(vi) Eggs are often exposed to adverse weather conditions.
(i) High room temperature
(ii) Crowding
(iii) Ventilation
(iv) Excess Bright light
(v) Feed availability
(vi) Water availability
(i) Eggs are candled to determine the condition of the air cell,
yolk, and white
(ii) Candling detects bloody whites, blood spots, or meat
spots, and enables observation of germ development.

(4a) Animal Husbandry is a branch of agriculture concerned
with the production and care of domestic animals
– The clothes we wear come from cotton, hemp or other plant
fibers that are manufactured into wearable items.
– The houses we build and live in are often constructed using
wildlife resources like wood from trees.
– The paper we write and print on comes from trees and other
plant fibers.
– The food we eat, obviously, comes from animals and plants.
(i) Ovulation is the release of eggs or egg cells from the
ovary in female animals, regulated in mammals by hormones
of the pituitary gland.
(ii) Oestrus is a regularly occurring period of sexual
receptivity in most female mammals, during which ovulation
occurs and copulation can take place.

it is land that contains by its ecological nature, an association
of forages that can be grazed by livestock
–poisonous plants: the presence of some poisonous plants
limits the use of the range to cattle or sheep or goats, a kind
of stock may not be affected by a toxic plant or another.
–topography: cattle are known to prefer level to gently
rolling topography
–water:sheep and goats are known to tolerate shortage of
water more than cattle
–vegetative cover: sheep and goats feed better on shorter
forage species than cattle
-rotational grazing
-continuous grazing
-rotation deferred grazing
proper stocking
-brush and weed control
-better distribution of animals on the range
-they can give mechanical injury.


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