Schoolboy, Seven, Suffers Massive Brain Haemorrhage After Knocking Into Another Child During PLAYTIME

Schoolboy, Seven, Suffers Massive Brain Haemorrhage After Knocking Into Another Child During PLAYTIME

A young boy nearly died of a massive brain haemorrhage after he tripped over in his school playground - and bumped his head.Bailey McQuiggan, aged 7, was out playing during his lunch break at school when he crashed into another child and fell to the ground - banging his head.His mother Michelle rushed to the primary school in Allhallows, Kent, and he was admitted to hospital.But even though her son only showed signs of concussion, Michelle said she realised there was something seriously wrong.She said: 'I went straight down [to the school] and they had called an ambulance. When I got there Bailey was really sleepy and he started being sick.'He didn't want to go in the ambulance so I took him to the hospital myself. He was seen really quickly and they said they would keep hourly watches on him.

'But then his eyes became unresponsive and I knew something was really wrong.'Bailey had developed a life-threatening bleed on his brain and needed urgently surgery to save his life.He had to be sedated and taken by ambulance to King's College Hospital, in London, and straight into theatre.Michelle, 34, said: 'I was told I couldn't go in the ambulance with him because they didn't know if he was going to make it - it was so scary.

'When I got to King's he was already in the operating theatre. They had to drain the blood from his brain and then he had to go for another scan.'It seemed like I was waiting forever. When I was finally able to see him it was such a relief. He was very sleepy but he managed to say "hello mum".'Bailey was discharged from hospital five days later and is now recovering at home.
Thankfully, doctors say Bailey should make a full recovery but may need speech therapy.The plucky youngster is already looking forward to going back to school in a few weeks, despite his ordeal.Michelle said: 'We have had loads of get well wishes and cards, it has been really nice. 

'Someone has set up a GoFundMe page for him which has raised £300 which he is really excited about.'Bailey loves the funky hairstyles that are fashionable at the moment so he quite likes the fact that he has got half his head shaved and he is going to be able to go to school like that.'He thinks it's great that he is going to be able to wear a hat to school too.'He wasn't bothered at all when he saw the scar on his head. He has been so brave. He didn't cry once in hospital. We are so proud of him.'Although Michelle doesn't blame anyone for what happened, she said there is a serious message to be learned from the terrifying incident.She added: 'It was just an accident, but it is a warning to other children what can happen.'You tell your kids to be careful but you just don't expect something like this from a bump in the playground.'
Source: Dailymail

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