WINNING WAYS SERIES #7 - Where Not All Ten Cleansed? Where Are The Other Nine. Luke 17:17

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WINNING WAYS SERIES #7 - Where Not All Ten Cleansed? Where Are The Other Nine. Luke 17:17


Growing up as a child, i never knew the important role my parents undertook for me and my other siblings. I could remembered each day we ate three to four square meal daily whether there was money or not even when there was no sales, my dad always make sure we feed, clothe and even get treated when sicked. At 25years i left my parents to hustle as a man, it was then it dawn on me that parents are the best gift and miracle God can give anyone. Do you know at age 30, after i lost my job i couldn't feed on three square meal, no good clothes or shoes then i began to appreciate the parents God gave to me for i now understand the pains in their silence when there was nothing but they still have to made a way for us come rain come shine. A good number of people today are found wanting in showing gratitude so the reason i decide to make this few words for our understanding. In our text above we saw how the master Jesus enquire about the other nine lepers, this is to understand that Christ desire our gratitude at all time. A writer once wrote " If you think it is your alarm clock that keep you awake after a deep sleep then try placing it next to a corpse and understand the goodness of God" How grateful how you to thy maker who against all odds you are still in existence. They said you will never make it in life but here look at you having fleet of exotic cars,mansion, lovely family with kids and you think it was your own making, maybe you should try and visit the mortuary on one occasion and understand that the mercy of God has kept you this far. Over there, you will see professionals and successful people both old and young, do you know how many people who started this year and today they are no more, isn't that a reason to be grateful to God even though that which you desire in life hasn't been achieve. When last did you pray and thank God for your life? Ingratitude is a sin and crime both to God and mankind. Today, a lot of people are been clouded with the things they want and haven't gotten than the things God has already given them. A man with shoes won't understand the sweetness of movement until he meet someone with no legs, the life you are complaining of is a prayer point of someone out there yet you don't seems to appreciate God. Be grateful to your parents for the life you are living today and treat them well if not for anything at least for not aborting you when you were a foetus. Show gratitude to that woman who willingly accept to be your wife and mother of your kids, she has stood by you in difficult moments and help to raise that family you have always dreamed of. What about that man who despite your flaws and weaknesses still found you worthy to be his life companion, show him appreciation always and never compare him to anyone. Be grateful to that man and woman on whose impact you have become that which you are today, they were the instrument God has used to blessed and shaped your world today. They are angels on human clothing. People without humility found it difficult to show gratitude, the proud always think it is their right and privilege of whatever they have acquired. Don't be like the nine ungrateful lepers who didn't returned to show gratitude. Always be grateful for every good and ugly situation that comes your way for  there is always a purpose of God in it, if it is good its for your betterment and if its rough and ugly then it is a lesson to strengthen you.  A man with a grateful heart will always go far in life, as you begin this new week always he grateful in all you receive don't let the worries and unmet desires rob you that peace of mind to appreciate the goodness of God in your life. The lord who has authority over the whole universe is able to do all things at His own time. Shalom
Evang Tony.

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